Bad Mommy

Author: Tarryn Fisher

Rating: ☠☠☠☠☠



“You have to voice your thoughts so you can know you’re not the only one who’s fucked up.”


Fig, Jolene, and Darius. What a trio. Okay, you see in a nutshell, Fig is a psychopath. Jolene is the kind of person you wish to be (no matter what Fig wants to say about her), and Darius..ohhh Darius. I guess you’ll have to just find out for yourself.


In more or less words, Fig has had absolutely no luck in the baby department which is extremely sad and unfortunate but holds ZERO value in excused as to why you would try to take another woman’s child. Am I right? well, that’s not how Fig sees it. Enter Mercy. Jolene and Darius Avery’s little girl. As soon as Fig saw her she knew. This was her child and she was supposed to be her mother. After studying Jolene’s maternal habits it was decided from that point on. Jolene is a Bad Mommy and would take Mercy by any means necessary.


Tarryn Fisher does it again and again. I completed this book in just 2 sittings, 4 hours total. That tells you something about an author, right? Every book of Tarryn’s I have picked up has been inhaled like a smell you can’t get enough of. Bad Mommy in particular was a side of crazy that only another crazy can create (and I mean this in the absolute best way). I love that Tarryn constantly gives us–plain and simple–fucked up-ness from her characters because hey, no one is perfect. Her writing is raw and deep with emotion, keeping us submerged in whatever world she’s created for us.. if only for that moment.


Picking a favorite character in a book I enjoyed so much is always such a hard task for me. With Bad Mommy I will 100% always choose Jolene. Though I am not a mother, I can identify and empathize with her character. That’s what we like to do, isn’t it? We like to relate ourselves to anything we can grasp and hold onto, in order to feel we aren’t alone. I love this about Jolene, giving us a relatable life.


Who would I choose to read this book? Hmm, anyone who can stomach a writer such as Tarryn. If you can’t, I’m sorry you’re so weak, because you’re missing out on one of the most incredible authors who tells kick-ass stories.

(PS. It also helps that Tarryn is an incredible human being, just saying!)

Sad Girls

Author: Lang Leav

Rating: ♡♡♡♡♡



“The other night I was watching movie when, midway through, it went out of sync. As the actors spoke, their words no longer matched up with the movement of their lips. I picked up the remote and tried the pause button. When that didn’t work, I tried to restart the movie, hoping it would fix the problem. In the end I gave up and just stopped watching it all together. That was when the realization hit me; that out-of-sync feeling is exactly what anxiety is. Only, imagine it is not on a movie screen but your brain. The worst thing is you have no control over it. There is no fix. You have to wait until things begin to feel normal again, but when you’re in that state of mind, you can’t tell if it ever will. And that’s what makes it so terrifying.”

Sad Girls is exactly what the title gives you. Four girls; Audrey, Candela, Lucy, and Ana. One tiny little harmless lie can spiral into the biggest shit storm you couldn’t even imagine. Welcome to Audrey’s world. A lie. That’s all it started with. If this lie never left Audrey’s mouth maybe Candela wouldn’t have been in her current predicament. Maybe Lucy wouldn’t have had to suffer and live a nightmare. And maybe, just maybe Rad wouldn’t be holding onto a secret so big it could destroy everything. But we don’t get to choose the affects in the aftermath of a lie..

This story gripped me from the very moment. It took hold of my heart and played its strings meticulously. I felt I was placed me into a slightly sepia toned world where only grief lived. Did anyone else experience the same vision as me? I wasn’t depressed while I was reading this book, no. I was just being my empath self and feeling the excruciating pain each and every character was feeling. There are only a handful of books that leave me with those odd feelings. Do you know the ones, I’m talking about? While I was reading this book, every time I was forced to put it down I couldn’t get my head out of it. I would wonder about the characters, if they would ever be happy and healed. After completion, I can not say those feelings went away. This story is the title. It made me one of of the sad girls. But I couldn’t be any happier about it. Oxymoron? Yep.

With each book I read, I collect new experiences an emotions to go with those experiences. It helps me in the real world to look at all aspects of a story before jumping to conclusions. There have been many times where I reference a book in an every day discussion. These stories may be fiction, but it certainly does not make them any less true than what you and I can face. Sad Girls has given me more of those experiences and emotions to one day look back on and remember.

This may come as a shock but my favorite character in Sad Girls is Lucy, even though I can identify more with Audrey. In that particular group of girls, I felt more sympathy for Lucy than anyone else. She was pure and innocent, a genuine nice girl. I feel we would be great friends. Rad was a favorite character of mine throughout the book until…well, I guess you have to read it. The way he cared for Audrey, that absolute love he showed for her was honestly quite breathtaking. When Gabe came into the picture, I so badly wanted to like him and I know we are supposed to like him. He was exactly what Audrey needed during that time in her life but I did not like it. I felt rage and a sort of betrayal on Rad’s behalf. I know it wasn’t Gabe’s fault but I wanted Audrey to get away from him every single time he appeared in the scene. Literally to myself I would say, “Ugh, here comes Gabe again. Go away!” How awful right? He was so sweet, but for me no one could compare to Rad.

I first found Lang Leav on tumblr. I followed her instantly because well, have you read one of her poems!? I bought her book Love & Misadventure and my obsession started there. I have pre-ordered every book of hers since, so you can imagine my excitement when she released that she was actually writing a novel. With my excitement, I did not read the synopsis (I do this with every book), because I don’t want my thoughts to run wild and give false expectations. Weird or genius? Whatever! I like surprises! They are 9/10 always pleasant too!

I don’t recommend this book for everyone. Honestly, I just can’t. I feel you need to have a certain personality in order to understand this book the way it needs to be understood. It’s a deep and dark read, and if you’re not into that and want to read this? Oh, you’ll set yourself up for failure.

The Queen and the Cure

Author: Amy Harmon

Rating: ♡♡♡♡♡


“There will be a battle, and you will need to protect your heart.


Kjell is the son of the late King Zoltev of Jeru, and brother of King Tiras of Jeru. We meet Kjell in book one; The Bird and the Sword and honestly at first, he is not a likeable character. We learn Kjell does not share the same birth mother as Tiras, therefore is not the rightful heir to the throne..but that does not bother Kjell the slightest because in Kjell’s eyes, he’d rather not be a King.

In The Queen and the Cure Kjell is called upon as the Kings Guard to rid the world of Volgar (if any left). Kjell knows battle and is extremely gifted when it comes to a war, but that’s not all he is Gifted with. He has the power of a Healer. What does it mean to be a Healer? With the touch of his hands, he can heal the injured or sick. So when Kjell and his men stumble upon a woman who has fallen laying broken, Kjell makes her a promise in trying to conjure her souls song to heal her. “Come to me and I will try to love you, I will try to love you, if you but come back.” Knowing Kjell and hearing these words brought tears to my eyes. Everyone can be loved, even if–like Kjell–they are guarded and cold. This woman, named Sasha hears his song and is healed from near death. From here, their journey of ups and downs begins..

“You are kind,” she said softly.

“I am not kind,” Kjell scoffed.

“And you are good,” she added.

“I am not good!” He laughed.

“I have never known a man like you.”

“You were a slave in Quondoon. The men you knew were not trying to impress you.”

“Neither are you Captain. Yet I am still impressed.”

My favorite character in this book is BY FAR Kjell. I fell in love with him almost too easily. He’s my kind of book boyfriend, in that extremely tough, bad boy hidden emotions type of guy. But when those emotions are released from him, it’s pure passion, loyalty and the greatest kind of love. I have to be honest, Sasha is lucky I don’t live in Jeru because I would have snatched him up immediately! In this book he becomes exposed.. his compassion is seen by all, and so has his love.

When I discovered Amy Harmon she was writing a lot of inspirational romances. I fell head over heels in love with her writing. When she released a Fantasy I was jumping for joy and to my complete surprise she annihilated the game. Harmon continues to give my heart just what it needs the very moment it needs it. Her writing is always classy and patient, never rushed or lackluster. Her passion alone is one of the reason she will forever have a fan in me! When I complete an Amy Harmon novel, I always say it’s my favorite to date but I know it’s not true. It’s always my favorite in that moment in time because of how fresh the world is to me. Something about this series has gripped me though, so I’m certainly hoping and praying for more.

“Compassion is wasted on the compassionless..”

This morning I would like to start my post off with a current event. Another terror attack took place last night in Manchester, England at the Manchester Arena, when pop star Ariana Grande completed her concert. A suicide bomber. Another Radical Islamist. I would like to express my complete and utter sympathy and prayers to those affected by this cowardice act. My heart broken in two, each side filled with equal parts sorrow and anger. Previous to this attack I had been reading my book and one the passages caught my attention in relation to the world we are living in today. It said,

“Compassion is wasted on the compassionless. There are some things not meant for this world. A man has the right to survive. And the Volgar and man cannot exist together. I don’t want to eat him. He wants to eat me. Do you see the dilemma? There are some beasts that should not exist. He thought about his father, about the animal he’d become, the monsters he’d made and the creatures he’d harmed. The only sorrow Kjell felt was that he hadn’t been the one to stop him.”

How did you view this passage when you read it? What I saw instantly thought of was terrorist groups. I connected them as being the beasts that should not exist. Like the Volgar want to eat them, these groups want to kill for their religion, we don’t want to do the same. But sometimes we have do things we don’t like in order to survive. It’s not considered selfishness in my eyes, it is taking the evil from the world. In my eyes it’s more about preservation of human lives that want peace. That want to be who they are and go where they want freely without living in a constant state of fear.

My fascination has always been with the world is how each and every one of us has different views and beliefs that stem from our personal experiences. I respect everyone’s opinion and view even if it differs from my own. Things would be boring black and white, no? Our experiences are what changes us, and you can not fault someone or tell them their views are wrong because we don’t know their experiences like we know ours. It’s important to be understanding about this. I know we all share the common goal to rid the world of extremist and pure evil, and its important to come and work together to reach this goal. As one of my favorite fictional characters once said, “We can make it together, but we can only make it together.” 

On a lighter note I would like to speak to you guys about the author behind my first quotation, Amy Harmon. If you’re a bookworm like myself and haven’t read one of her books yet, you’re doing it wrong! I’ve read every book this woman has published since Making Faces, and I’m still trying to get my hands on all of her oldest books. Last year she released a Fantasy called The Bird and the Sword. I was completely absorbed into this story. I had to force myself to put this book down just so I could savour the story within. The hangover set in upon completion and all I wanted was to go back to Jeru. In February, Amy Harmon released that she was writing Tiras brother–Kjell–a book. Everyone went nuts and with good reason. If you’ve ever read just one of Harmon’s books you understand just how exciting this was.

I am currently reading The Queen and the Cure. I wish I could form the perfect words to describe just how amazing this story is. If you thought The Bird and the Sword couldn’t be topped, you are surely mistaken. Amy Harmon knows just how to reach her fans with her writing, especially those who were so in love with the first book. Harmon’s writing is timeless and classy. No part of her stories are ever rushed. You can tell she takes the time to produce something worth taking credit for. It shows she takes pride in her work, and therefore no book of hers could ever be disappointing to me.

Let’s talk about an even lighter subject: my clothes!

Today I went with a more comfortable but stylish outfit. I knew the temperature was going to rise a little and I wanted to wear something lighter. As I was laying in bed last night before I drifted off to sleep, I thought of my back maxi dress that could double as a skirt. I knew the top wasn’t work appropriate, so I thought of all the things I could do in order to make it work. My mind went straight to a band tee. I tried on a couple, but The Ramones were the winners today!

I didn’t want to wear heels when I first woke up so I threw on my old faithfuls–Docs. I loved the look, however I tripped over my dress on the way out the door, even with the bottom tied (short girl problems), so I ran to my room and put on my black booties to add 6 inches. To complete the look, I needed jewelry but I didn’t feel like choking myself so I went the the earrings. I couldn’t find my hoops anywhere but instead came across my crosses and was happy I did so. Lastly, I grabbed my leather jacket (yes the ripped work out one) and I was out the door for the day!


Author: Lindsey Summers

Rating: ♡♡♡♡♡



“I can’t get her out of my head. Haven’t you ever liked someone so much that when you make them smile or laugh, you feel like you’re the king of the world? That’s how I felt..”


Meet Keeley (high school senior), a very confined shy introvert who finds herself in a pickle when she is awoken by a phone call, and on the other end is a boy accusing her of stealing his phone. What? Keeley has her phone to her ear right now. Great, late night prank call from her twin brother Zach and his friends. It isn’t until she realizes, after losing her phone at the yearly fair  when she found it, it was not in fact hers. Meet Talon (high school senior), the cocky up-front jock who is the boy on the other end of that phone call. Unfortunately for the both of them Talon is at football camp so getting their own phones back is out of the question for a solid week. After a series of conversations they have finally agreed to forwarding each other’s phone calls and text messages. They find themselves talking to each other everyday and opening up more than expected. When they finally decide to meet up and it is revealed to Talon that Keeley is in fact Zachary Brewer’s twin sister, his whole demeanor changes. Talon has to go.. has to find a way out of the mess he will surely create..


I always find it a bit hysterical when I read other reviews of just solid, good books. You have the reviewers that NEVER give 5 stars and the ones who NEVER go below. I identify with the latter. I read 3 or 4 star reviews ranting and raving about certain stories and have to ask myself why? This one in particular too. I know the genre I am reading before I open the book so I set up my own expectations based on that. Am I alone in feeling everyone expectations are always way too high?? Okay I get it, you can’t please everyone but we’ll get back to my thoughts on THIS read. I was extremely pleased with this story and style of  writing.


We have 3 very developed main characters: Keeley, Talon, and Zach. It’s so, so important for readers to have a full blown picture especially of the main characters so we get to know them on a more personal level. I wish I knew more physically about Keeley and Zach. We know they are twins, we know their personalities.. but we don’t know what they look like! This is good and bad. The idea of creating a character straight from your imagination just by reading their personality traits can be fun. I, on the other hand enjoy getting a few details.. hair color, skin color, body type, etc. so the character takes a clearer image in my mind. We certainly could see that with Talon. He is tall, lean and muscular with some outstanding mesmerizing, diamond blue eyes. Dreamy right? I just wish I had gotten the same picture with Keeley and Zach. What features are similar, if they are even identical twins? That sort of stuff.


I absolutely loved the content of this story and most certainly enjoyed every twist and turn Lindsey Summers snuck in there. The intertwinement of the characters is nothing you could see coming from the beginning, and if so.. just exactly how is where the mystery lies. This book holds some great lessons to be learned. Keeley can not believe who she is when she talks to Talon, but she sure does like it. Her confusion only helps her realize the kind of person she is, and pushes her into who she wants to become. We come to understand the importance of the truth and just how ugly situations can be made by fallacy. My favorite lesson embedded into this read  is forgiveness and understanding. We all want to be forgiven and understood and when it comes down to it, we aren’t so easy to reciprocate. The book shows us, that if teenagers are willing to do the above, adults are more than capable too.


While I was reading, I thought for sure this story is directed towards teens and YA. I don’t like to select one group of people though. So, for anyone who enjoys great writing and an addicting storyline, with added romance should read this book! I finished this book in merely 2 sittings and I can promise you, you won’t be able to put it down!

How to Grow an Addict

Author: J.A. Wright

Rating: ♡♡♡♡♡



“I know a lot about trouble. Mostly about causing it and not much about staying out of it.”

I will start off by cautioning you that you will cry. You will get upset. You’ll want to crawl through the pages of this book and take Randall by the hand, away from the toxic people she is forced to grow up around. You will be taken on the full rollercoaster ride of emotions with this read.

Randall is just 26 when she is finally checked into rehab. She doesn’t belong here, the hospital made a mistake and she needs to got home. Now. It isn’t until she realizes she is here for a reason and she might as well play along while she is stuck here. After meeting Randall where she is now, we are taken to her past allll the way back to when she was 7 and her journey started. I loved Randall as a child. She needed guidance and help from her parents and a relationship with her older brother. She didn’t have both of those. As the story progresses, we see where alcohol and pills come into play and how they start to effect her life. The story of How to Grow and Addict takes you through year by year of Randall’s life until we meet back up in rehab. Does Randall have what it takes to fully recover?

My favorite characters in this book were both Randall and her Uncle Hank. As I stated before, I wanted to throw myself into this book and become her guidance. I wanted her to be treated and loved the way she should have been from the very beginning. We know that not everyone has the same experiences when it comes to addiction, it does not discriminate in the slightest. Unfortunately, the case for Randall was the complete and utter toxicity in her life as she was growing up. That’s where Uncle Hank comes in. He is the one and only person who can redeem Randall of her god awful life, and he does for awhile..

Can we take a minute to acknowledge how great a writer J.A. Wright is? Her writing grips you from the moment you open to the first page. The fact that she could make you feel so many emotions, that the story will stay with you for years to come, says something about what kind of author she is. I am so happy to have come across her and thank the wonderful Megan Lawrence for pointing me in her direction!

I do not think this story is for the faint at heart. It truly will shatter your heart into a million pieces, so I urge you to take a deeper look into yourselves to make sure you can handle what this girl experiences.

Into the Water

Author: Paula Hawkins 

Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆

Expectations become extremely high when you’ve read a completely compelling book such as The Girl on The Train. Do not strain yourself in expectations. Paula Hawkins is made to write thrillers, we know it for sure now. What will she give to us next?

The Drowning Pool. A place to kill yourself? A place for troublesome woman? A place to definitely stay clear of. It all started with Libby, years later Lauren, and it’s happening again..Katie and Nel. What is their connection, if any?

This story is told from SO many point of view you might think it would be difficult to keep track of it all. Paula Hawkins writing is so fluent and understandable that you won’t need to take notes in order for it to make sense. She understands the importance of building each and every character, their views and beliefs. I mean, that’s what makes a thriller right? Different views.

I really, really enjoyed this read just as much as I did her last. Could I figure it out before the ending? I won’t lie, the shock effect definitely was not there like it was for The Girl on The Train, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a fantastic book. The way these characters intertwine with one another was the best part about the story. It’s haunting and cold and you’ll want so much more every time you turn the page.

I understand I’ve been pretty vague content wise, but in order for you to get it, you’ve just got to read it for yourself. I think if you truly were a fan of Hawkins last book, you surely will not be disappointed with this one. I think a lot of people have been comparing the two so much that they are not giving this book the love it deserves. And it’s a shame. Do you want to read a replica of The Girl on The Train? Then read that book again, damn! Do not expect similarities because you will end up being disappointed. If you take the book for what it is, not who the author is and what she wrote in past, you’ll find yourself so deeply immersed in this writing.

I know I’m surely excited for Paula Hawkins future stories!

Have any thoughts? Share the same feelings? Have any questions? Feel free to comment below!