Words on a Page • August Book Challenge


Poetry. What better way to give you words on a page than a poem? This exact poem resonates with me. I have given writing poetry a couple trial runs, + one of those trials- I wrote how ‘change’ is actually growth. So, the moment I read this my jaw hung open. I myself could not string these words together so beautifully but there was someone out there who could. And her name is Alicia Cook.

This poetry book is pretty damn special. It is called Entraced and you will not be able to find this anywhere. Alicia decided to give her last few copies away, + I was one of the lucky ones! Although I do not know Alicia personally, I respect her for so many reasons. She goes above and beyond to help families battling addiction. Her messages are powerful. And she sure as hell is making a difference.

Lucky for all of you, she has another book called Stuff I’ve Been Feeling Lately. I assure you, it’s nothing like you’re used to, in a good way. It is only $5.94 on Amazon and 100% is donated to the Willow Tree Center in New Jersey. Grab a copy and not only enjoy a unique take on poetry, but help towards a great cause.


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