Inspiring Story • August Book Challenge


I am so fascinated when it comes to our universe. My boyfriend and I can spend hours watching the science channel + we zone in like zombies. We obsessed over Interstellar for so long and then the preview of this movie came out; The Martian by Andy Weird. When I ever found out it was a book (all my bookworms can agree with me here) I had to read it, because hellooo!! It’s always better.

This book in particular is so inspiring. The willpower of this one man is tested over and over again and he never gives up. This character does nothing but amaze me every single entry. From his intelligence, to his humor, to his positivity.. really I could go on forever.

The story being told really makes you step back to look at your life, + realize the insignificance of petty problems you are facing. I love books like this. Ones that give you a slap in the face + say, “Wake up! Things could always be worse.


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