Swear on this Life by Renée Carlino, Review

​”Imagine opening a book and discovering that someone else has written your life story.”

This is my first Renee Carlino book and wow. Just completely & utterly WOW. What a way to start off a writer/reader relationship. Engulfed by the story the moment I opened the book, and rightfully so with an opening containing this..

“…If you can surrender to the idea that there might be a plan, instead of reducing every magical moment to a coincidence, then love will find you.”

I fell in love with Jase (sorry to my boyfriend). This is him in a nutshell. Tell me you aren’t weak in the knees by this & I’ll believe you aren’t human at all.

“So you never fell in love?”
“No,” he said firmly.
“Because none of them were you.”

I guess I’ll give him credit, he’s a writer but seriously, is he real?Where can I find him? Ohio???? SOMEONE??????
Thank you Renee for my new book boyfriend, I will add him to my collection! 😉


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