Underground Airlines by Ben H. Winters, Review 

​3 stars & that’s me being generous
I am only 80 pages in and I am done with it. I usually give books the benefit of the doubt if I’m not enjoying them, so I finish it. Key word is usually. I think if I were to continue this read I would go insane!

There’s nothing worse than a great synopsis, & once you open the book it’s lifeless. I was really hoping to be captivated by this point in the story and there’s not one part of this plot that has peaked my interest & held me enough to keep me reading. You know there’s something wrong when it takes you a good 5 minutes to read one page.

I think this book has great potentional in my eyes, but there is just something missing for me. And hell, maybe it does get better & the ending is wonderful; but my God, readers should not have to hold on that long for a story to unfold.


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