Wild Harvest • Mm Mm Good!

Happy Friyay all! So, I decided to venture out on my lunch break today, considering I was running so late this morning I couldn’t pack a lunch! Oh the agony. Jokes. It could always be worse. Anyways, I was talking with a coworker of mine & they told me of this little hole in the wall called Wild Harvest in East Greenwich, RI 🤔 Now, I work for a beverage distributing company, so I see their invoices all the time. It certainly peaked my interest. The name alone will do it for you.

Being a newbie in the blog world is no excuse as to why I didn’t take a picture of the damn food! Ugh! Rookie mistake #1. I’m telling you though (with hopes you’ll trust in my foodie choices) the sandwich I had was out of this world! And fresh! 😋Seriously, these days it’s so hard to find local fresh little joints –and I’d you do, sometimes it’s God awful.

What I ordered was a roasted turkey sandwich with provolone cheese, lettuce & spinach. (They were out of avocado…again I know the agony ) LOL. Their choices for sides were potato chips, but not Lay’s bagged. I’m pretty sure they’re fresh also. Aside from that, pasta salad, potato salad, coleslaw etc. I myself dived right into the pasta salad, because hey! I’m Italian & if I go without pasta for 24 hours there’s a chance I’ll die.

Not only was the food so darn delectable, the atmosphere was so serene. Okay, minus the fact you’re on a semi main roads you wouldn’t even know. It’s a small log cabin type with a porch containing 2 seating areas & a good 4-5 rocking chairs. Yep, you heard me–rocking chairs.  Next to the cabin you’ve got about 4 outdoor seating arrangements. Two that can shelter you from any form of precipitation. One arrangement is a wicker couch type with a couple arm chairs & a coffee table. I KNOW, HOW CUTE. The others are more of a picnic table style. In the front of the café there is a little pond with lily pads & goldfish! That was my favorite.

If you ever find yourself in East Greenwich & need a place to eat check it out, Wild Harvest! 


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