Tarryn Fisher & Kate Spade collision

​Marrow..and shit.

 👆 (You’ll really only laugh if you’ve read the book)

I’m halfway through and holy hell. This is the darkest I’ve read from Tarryn Fisher and she is freakin dark. And quite frankly, that reason alone is why I have chosen to save Marrow for last. After I close this book I will finally be up to date on Tarryn’s books. YAY!

This book is much like the books I used to read. Serial killers. Until one day I had a panic attack in the middle of reading Kiss the Girls by James Patterson. Sadly, that was the end of that. I knew I had to stray away from thriller/horror/serial for a while. I’ve very slowly have come back into the thriller world & I’m excited about it! I choose wisely, I know there are books that will trigger my anxiety (even though I would like to read them).

When I got to Margo’s darkness I almost had to stop myself, shut the book & run far away from it. But I focused, & took all necessary precautions so I can finish this book. I am a different person than I was 5 years go when my first attack happened. I’ve found coping mechanisms and one step at a time, I’m good.

With that being said, I surely hope I can jump back into thrillers after this. I’ve been missing out! 

Lastly, can we talk about how freakin cute my new Tumbler is!? Kate Spade is a fashion genius and if you tell me otherwise, we can’t be friends I’m sorry.


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