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Marrow, by Tarryn Fisher Review


Usually, I would start off with a quote from the book. I wish I had the patience to type but to save both of us the trouble; Page 232. Read it, let it sink in, & breathe.
What the ever-living F, Tarryn?
I just closed this book and I was staring off into space for 10 minutes straight. Feels? Is that what’s happening to me? Yeah, okay…maybe. Every single unexplainable feeling. You won’t know from one minute to the next what is swirling around inside your mind while you’re reading this. It’s definitely scary, but also definitely worth it.
Margo. You God damn woman. I don’t know. I still don’t know. I don’t think I will ever know. Do I love you? Do I hate you? Are you a relative of Dexter? Darkness. Do I appreciate your character? Yes. Your choices? Hell no.
While I was reading, I saw red everytime Margo saw red. That doesn’t make me a serial killer, it makes me humanPeople do horrible, unforgivable, despicable, and unfathomable things to children, women, & humans in general daily. Do they deserve punishment? Absolutely. It will be hard to turn your head away from this book. There will be a lot of analyzing, a lot of doubt, and a lot of feelings you won’t know what to do with.
Is Judah real or what? Because I think if he wasn’t, I would cry a stream of tears. And there is a part of me that believes he wasn’t real and that hurts like a bitch. I read this ending 3 times to make sure I didn’t miss part of the story. It went from her Dr. giving her crushing news, that hey! your best friend who you’re in love with was never real to Margo  hanging out with him, sleeping with him etc. WHAT!? 
but really if you have other theories, I need to know!
::cough cough:: TARRYN!?


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