Let’s get something straight here. It is not because of my absolute adoration for Emilia Clarke that I chose 2 of these characters. Honestly.

We will start with Daenerys Targaryen. Spit. Fricken. Fire. (No pun intended) she’s got that Targaryen temper but crazy kindness. In many ways, I’m similar. I can fly off the hook fast & know just what to say in order to get to you. But, I’m also still very compassionate & empathetic.

Next we have Tris Prior. The moment I was introduced to this character, I felt a bond. As the story unfolded, I saw myself in her from time to time. The love she had for her family & Four. The way she didn’t conform no matter what. Someone who stuck to her guns and defended herself.


Lastly we have Louisa Clark. Another character that grew and resonated with myself. She worked at a coffee shop she loved (as did it at one point) she was very picky about new jobs, even though she couldn’t afford to be (I’ve been there too). The way the character never traveled and never really sought to, she found life where she lived and it was enough for her until she learned otherwise. This girl is fun, quirky, and has that ‘I don’t care what you think of me’ personality. I may not be quite as unique as Louisa herself, but I definitely am not defined by what others think of me.


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