New England Patriots 🏈

So since I live in Rhode Island, I’m obviously a New England Patriots fan! Which makes me a huge supporter of Tom Brady. I’m so disgusted by the NFL & how they handle serious situations. All I know–whether a deflated GD football was involved or not–there have been worse offenses (i.e. domestic violence) that have lesser consequences. Tom Brady can not attend a football game or have contact with any of his team members, because he may have deflated a football. There are men in the NFL who have poured bleach on their girlfriends, punched them in the face caught on camera, & possible child abuse. But yes, if you deflate a football you can not see the light of football day for 4 weeks. Ok. Here is the most protesting I have done in the 3 weeks out of 4 suspension games. One more to follow next week.☟


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