Club Dead by Charlaine Harris, Review  (Sookie Stackhouse novel #3)

Okay, I hated Bill in the show after the whole Lorena thing, but I hate him even more in writing. I can not stand the way Sookie reacts after pretty much being raped by her own boyfriend..vampire or not, it’s 100% unacceptable. How is she so calm? Because she just accepts that’s who he is because he’s a vampire. Excuses.

Lets talk about the love.. triangle? square? Well, it is blooming and I’m so excited to see the direction the books go. In my last review of Living Dead in Dallas, I mentioned I was #TeamEric. What I forgot is, I was also #TeamAlcide for a long time too during the series. I have to talk about how wonderful Eric Northman is in the books. Were the producers so in love with Bill they were anti-Eric and changed his character? Because to me, Bill is a piece of shit in the book and is glorified on the show. Then we move onto Alcide (as my eyes twinkle like a teenage girl). Alcide is someone I really wanted for Sookie. He can give her everything a vampire can not. Okay, so he’s a hot headed werewolf BUT put that aside…he’s dreamy,okay?

 I am slowly but surely accepting the differences between book + screen, but nonetheless I am a freakin’ Trubie for life.


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