Remove Hate & Find Difference

​So, I would really like to get this off my chest and then I swear, no more about it. There will be no bashing of Hillary because I belive everyone is entitled to their opinion. I have not come out against anyone and their views because that is what a free country is all about.
Yes, I voted for Donald Trump. Was he my first choice for presidency? No. Do I agree with everything he has ever said? No. But I do in fact believe he will restore this country to where it needs to be. Here is why he received my vote:
For my own reasons, I believe that illegal immigrants should not be here because, hello–they are ILLEGAL. This country was founded on immigrants, and I belive if you want to be apart of the country, there are laws set in place to do so–legally. There are many people all over the world who have been waiting to gain citizenship. They want to better their lives just like the everyone else, but they also know there is a proper way, a respectful way, a LEGAL way to do so.
Restoring law and order is a HUGE issue that needs to be handled. Look, there can be debates on who is in the right, but the fact of the matter is-if you break the law, you go to jail. It may not always be the case where the cop is in the right, but you can not group them as a whole. These men and women risk their lives every single day. They leave their wives/husbands every morning, they kiss their kids every morning/every night same as you and I. I believe they deserve respect because they’re willing to put their lives on the line for you, when you are a stranger and in need of help–they don’t ask questions, they just come.
ISIS & refugees. Terrorists can only be taken down one way and that is not with hugs, handshakes and “can’t we work this out”. They have been an increasing problem in the US and it needs to be handled properly. My heart goes out to everyone in Syria, it truly does. So it does not make me a monster for saying that I believe this subject can be handled differently. We are allowing floods of people in without being put on record and ISIS has said with their own mouths they will hide their own in groups. We can not afford to be weak or Syria will not be the only place in ruins. We need to make America safe first, in order to keep others safe from the same horror.
Pro-Life? Or Pro-Choice? (Keep in mind these are MY beliefs) I am a woman, and this has always been a difficult topic. I consider myself Pro-Life. A baby does not make the choice of being created or coming into this life. While some people think it’s okay to abort a baby at 6 months, I do not agree. It is living the moment the child is created–whether it fact or fallacy–my belief. For me, it gets tricky if a woman is raped. I’ll be honest with you, put that into play and my beliefs become jumbled. A woman should not have to experience such an incident and have to live with it her whole life.
Jobs/Taxes Yada Yada. Our job situation gets no better, no matter what the media want to tell you. I see it. People are making more money, sitting at home unemployed than the ones who wake up every morning and work their ass off all day. I’ll tell you what, I’m sick and tired of a quarter of my paycheck going to someone who has no business having 5 children, a cellphone, their own home, and is unemployed.
There are more problems that can be shared but here’s just a few and how I feel about them. Donald Trump is the candidate who best suited what I believe in and what I believe morally right. As I’ve said before, you can disagree and that is wonderful because you have the freedom to and we can thank the founding fathers for that. I will not change your view, so don’t try to change mine–please. I just want everyone to know, I’ve done my own research and I did not go into this election blind. There are many reasons as to why I did not vote for Hillary (what she has done/who she is as a person) but we’ve been hearing everything about both of them negatively for awhile now so I don’t need to get into that.
Congratulations to President Donald Trump, let’s show the ones who haven’t supported you that you are as decent a human being as anyone else in this life and let’s Make America Great Again!


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