Dead as a Doornail by Charlaine Harris, Review

​”Fxcking Sookie.” -Literally everyone

So, this was definitely the first book that was completely and utterly different from the season. I was more enticed because I really didn’t know what would happen next.

By this time, Sookie wants to be this strong woman who doesn’t want help from anyone and ends up in trouble anyways. Sookie, please just remove yourself from supes completely if you want all your troubles to go away.

Eric & Bill. tisk tisk. Bill needs to just fxck off for the rest of the series and let Eric do the job he can not. With every fiber of me, I believe Eric truly cares for Sookie. He is always straightforward with her, charming, and funny..not to mention tall (definitely not dark) and handsome. Because of the show, I still think Bill has an underlying reason as to why he pursued Sookie. He’s sneaky and I don’t trust him!

I guess we will see shortly, on to book 6!


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