The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena, Review


I always want to give books 5 stars..and I usually do. I couldn’t do it with this one. And it’s not because it was written poorly, or the story wasn’t captivating enough. It wasn’t even the fact that I just didn’t like it–because I did! It was purely and completely because it was that fxcked up. Just when you realize how demented one character is, you find the next one is severely worse.

A 6mo old baby is kidnapped while the parents are next door for a dinner party. No, there was not a baby sitter–strike 1. The mother and father switched off every half hour checking in on her–strike 2. They come home to find the front door ajar, and their little baby girl Cora has been abducted–strike 3, you’re outta here. But has she been abducted?

Crazy ride, from start to finish. Not the adrenaline, loops & speed–let’s do that again!–type. It’s spinning, never-ending, nauseating type ride. Although we aren’t a huge fan of them, we continue to ride them, no? Look we know what we are getying ourselves into when we dive into a thriller. THAT’S WHY WE READ THEM!

Chilled to the bone upon finishing this book. It’s fantastic in the most fxcked up way.


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