Red Hill

Author: Jamie McGuire

Rating: ☆☆☆


Okay. I’m going to be blunt here. I was very disappointed in this book. I told my family and friends when I first started how great it was, I recommended it to everyone and now I’m going back on my word to them. The story had so, so much potential and room to bloom into a crazy finish and then the ending happened.

In this book there are POV from 3 main characters. Scarlet: the nurse who will do anything to make sure her 2 girls find her. Nathan: the man whose wife left him, will do anything to keep his little girl safe and who falls in love with Scarlet. Miranda: the daughter of the doctor who Scarlet is employed by. All these people cross paths throughout the story until they are finally all together mid-book. CRAZY OPPORTUNITY RIGHT HERE JAMIE MCGUIRE. She fell short. WAY too short.

You love all the characters separately for who they are until they are always around each other and there’s no imagination for a coherent storyline, so what do we do? We need to the end the book the fastest way we know how: kill almost everyone off within a 2 chapter span and make 2 of the characters fall in love each other in short span of time. WHAT? What really gets me again, is how much potential it had. There could have been amazing plot twists but I guess we will never know, right? It’s very sad when an author feels the need to rush an ending just to finish the book. That is what Jamie McGuire did here and once again, I am completely and utterly disappointed with the finale.


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