A Darker Shade of Magic

Author: V.E. Schwab

Rating: ☆☆☆☆



I usually try not judging a book by it’s hype. I take reviews seriously on both Goodreads and Amazon. They really haven’t let me down …….until this book. I was so excited to start reading a book that contained magic because DUH–WHO DOESN’T LOVE MAGIC? It took me 200 pages in until I actually started to enjoy this story. I try my best to never give up on a book no matter how much I hate it, because I feel the author needs readers and the book world needs honest reviews.


The confusion of what was happening on top of being–quite frankly–bored, once I hit the climax of the story I was hooked. I honestly wish I could say the entire story captivated me but I would be lying. Although it took forever for it to pick up the pace, I liked this book a lot. I thought it was a fun and unique take on magic.


What kept me reading were the characters. God, I loved these characters! They were so well developed with distinct personalities that they felt completely real. I will say my favorite character is definitely Delilah Bard. She’s a fearless bad ass woman who takes shit from absolutely no one–not even if you’re an evil magician. This tough cookie took the story to a level that the entire beginning was missing. In other words.. she saved the book for me. If it wasn’t for Lila’s character giving spark to the story I would have shut it down a long time ago. All in all, I’m actually very happy that I continued to read because I ended up being extremely satisfied with the book.


I’m a little apprehensive to buy the next two books in the series strictly because of my experience within the first 200 pages of book one. This is where I need your help readers! I need more persuasion to pick up A Gathering of Shadows so (please!!) make a good case for me!


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