Author: Caroline Kepnes

Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆



WELL these are the kinds of books that I have to seriously detach myself from or else I start to think I’m going crazy. That’s what happens when we enter different worlds, right? You open yourself to someone else’s mind ..and well, this mind was quite disturbing and extremely frightening.


YOU read this story about Joe and Beck. Joe works at a bookstore and of course Beck walks in right to end his life. Or is it the other way around?  He falls instantly for this woman, taking her name off her credit card and begins his investigation. As Joe’s obsession grows we learn more about Beck than we would like to. We learn more about Joe than we’d like to. And we learn to be very, very careful about who to trust.


I love the way that Kepnes wrote this story. Strictly from Joe’s perspective, from his mind. She made his character come to life, legit walking right behind me. Every step I took since starting this book I have looked all around at my surroundings. I close my blinds, I watch what I put on my Facebook (even though I’m already precautious and only friend my closest friends and family). But holy hell did this book SCARE me. Another character I grew to like was Beck, although I became super frustrated with her character many times. I have come to realize I grew frustrated because JOE grew frustrated. She’s a messed up girl who still doesn’t know what she wants in life, never mind what she needs. And Joe is just the person to fix all of that for her..or so he thinks.

This psychological thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat wanting more and you won’t understand why. Addicted to the story of Joe and Beck is where you’ll find yourself. Good luck putting this bad boy down!



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