The F Word

Author: Liza Palmer

Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆



I had such a blast reading this book. No, you aren’t sensing sarcasm! I continued to laugh out loud because Olivia Morten’s character is purely hysterical. It’s not all fun and games in Olivia’s world  though, she has recently been struggling with her past after creating a new life for herself over the past 10 years. Why is this happening to Olivia? Could it be the run in with her high school nemesis/crush? Or is this something more internal?…


The was this book was written was so easy to read. So fluent and relatable, it’s no wonder it only took me one day to complete it. I had two favorite characters in this book; Olivia and Ben. Olivia, because she’s not only funny, she struggles internally but in time fixes herself. The experiences she was dealt, along with being so traumatized from them created this person who was not truly herself because she did not love her WHOLE self, present and past. It’s ultimately funny that Ben is the one to kind of awaken her change seeing as he was quite cruel to her in high school. I love that this story is of changing and growing, finding yourself and being comfortable with who you are now; but also accepting who you were, not hiding and running from it.


What I think would have made this good story great, would have been some more time spent with high school Olivia and Ben. Although we are taken on a couple flash back rides, I feel having more insight to who they were in their teens and why they were the way they were to each other would have been very nice for the readers to have.


I quite liked that this story had a moral. I enjoyed the topics talked about and the relationships that Liza created between the characters. I wouldn’t really call a specific group out to read this book. If you are an adult looking for an easy and quick, fun read..look no further! Liza Palmer has your next read.


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