Outfit Inspo; Beatrice Prior

​”I want to be brave, and selfless, and smart, and kind, and honest.”

Today’s outfit inspiration is from Divergent: Beatirce (Tris) Prior. Although she chooses Dauntless, she finds out she is in fact Divergent. What does it mean to be Divergent? Factions have been set in place in the new world. Abnegation=selfless, Dauntless=brave, Erudite=smart, Candor=honest, + Amity=kindness. Being Divergent means being all of the above. No wonder she’s an inspiration.

Today I wear Divergent theme for self reminder to be all of these things. Never set yourself up to be just one and never be afraid to show you are all 5.

I noticed all I have been wearing lately are boyfriend jeans so I switched it up today and went with skinny jeans. The look I wanted to achieve would be that of Dauntless (all black everythang). I could have paired this outfit with a leather jacket to complete it, and my Doc’s. I’ve been favoring the Doc’s lately so i went with my studded, platform sneakers.

Go out there guys and be Divergent!

Dauntless T ×from FYE

Ripped skinny jeans ×from Marshall’ s

Studded black platform sneakers (Jeffery Campbell) ×from Amazon

Divergent book ×from Marshall’s


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