Outfit Inspo; James Dean

​Good morning friends! Today I channeled my inner James Dean as you can see 😎 I was going for the comfortable, tomboy rebel look. How do we think I did? For the longest time I only wore these jeans with sneakers. That is a problem seeing as I cannot wear sneakers to work. So this past Thursday was the first time I ever thought to try my Doc’s with them + I’m so glad I did. I stepped out of my comfort zone (my sneakers) and went bold with a boot.

Normally the top I would pair with these would be cropped, but of course no crop tops at work! My next idea was a bodysuit. What’s my thought process? If I were to wear a baggy shirt with baggy boyfriend jeans I would look severely homeless, unless that baggy top was cropped. It would be able to show my stomach and therefore break up all the bagginess! So since we already explained no crop tops aloud I went with a tight fitting top to show my shape with my high waisted boyfriend jeans.

 I just recently started Into the Water by Paula Hawkins today! If you read and enjoyed The Girl on The Train, you all need to pick this book up asap. I am 10p pages in and like Paula Hawkins did before..I’m hooked. The question I get asked most from reading is, “How do you finish a book so fast?” When the question should really be, “How are there SO many authors that know how to right damn good books?” I give all my credit to them, the authors. They are the reason I get sucked into these worlds that it’s simply impossible to close the book. I’ve been waiting to get my hands on Paula Hawkins next thriller and well, here it is. I can not wait to share my thoughts on this goodie!

Black bodysuit ×from Rainbow

High waisted boyfriend jeans (Lucky Brand) ×from Marshall

Doc Marten’s ×from Journeys

Black oversized sweater ×from H&M

Into the Water by Paula Hawkins ×from preordered Amazon


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