Outfit Inspo; Louisa Clark

​It’s FriYAY! Thankful that the weekend is here (even though imo, 3 day weekends should be mandatory). However, working does give me the chance to dress up (I live in sweats at home) and who doesn’t like playing dress up!?

Today’s outfit inspiration is from the one and only–Louisa Clark! Her crazy, quirky outfits are just one of the things I love most about her. Have you all heard Jojo Moyes is coming out with a final book to this story? Gah! I actually shrieked when I found out. Time to wait patiently like a good little bookworm!

I love pairing colors with straight up black or white. For me, I knew it was going to rain + be chilly so I decided to base my outfit around my yellow (not) rain boots! I chose my go to sweater because it truly encompasses everything a sweater should be. From there I decided I did not want to wear jeans because I was in them allll week long, so I looked in my tights draw. I pulled out the red and realized I might end up looking like a walking McDonald’s add so ding! ding! ding! Blue was the winner! Choosing a dress was easy, I’ve been waiting to wear this bad boy since I bought it a couple months ago. And lastly I moved to accessories. I was looking for hints of blue to bring out the rights and I loved how the slight hint of red pulled it all together!

Remember my fashionistas: be bold and never be afraid to dress how you like!

Necklace ×from a local flea market

Sweater, dress + boots (Lucky Brand) ×from TJMAXX/Marshalls

Tights (Steve Madden) ×from Cohoes

Paperback copy of Me Before You ×from Amazon!


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