How to Grow an Addict

Author: J.A. Wright

Rating: ♡♡♡♡♡



“I know a lot about trouble. Mostly about causing it and not much about staying out of it.”

I will start off by cautioning you that you will cry. You will get upset. You’ll want to crawl through the pages of this book and take Randall by the hand, away from the toxic people she is forced to grow up around. You will be taken on the full rollercoaster ride of emotions with this read.

Randall is just 26 when she is finally checked into rehab. She doesn’t belong here, the hospital made a mistake and she needs to got home. Now. It isn’t until she realizes she is here for a reason and she might as well play along while she is stuck here. After meeting Randall where she is now, we are taken to her past allll the way back to when she was 7 and her journey started. I loved Randall as a child. She needed guidance and help from her parents and a relationship with her older brother. She didn’t have both of those. As the story progresses, we see where alcohol and pills come into play and how they start to effect her life. The story of How to Grow and Addict takes you through year by year of Randall’s life until we meet back up in rehab. Does Randall have what it takes to fully recover?

My favorite characters in this book were both Randall and her Uncle Hank. As I stated before, I wanted to throw myself into this book and become her guidance. I wanted her to be treated and loved the way she should have been from the very beginning. We know that not everyone has the same experiences when it comes to addiction, it does not discriminate in the slightest. Unfortunately, the case for Randall was the complete and utter toxicity in her life as she was growing up. That’s where Uncle Hank comes in. He is the one and only person who can redeem Randall of her god awful life, and he does for awhile..

Can we take a minute to acknowledge how great a writer J.A. Wright is? Her writing grips you from the moment you open to the first page. The fact that she could make you feel so many emotions, that the story will stay with you for years to come, says something about what kind of author she is. I am so happy to have come across her and thank the wonderful Megan Lawrence for pointing me in her direction!

I do not think this story is for the faint at heart. It truly will shatter your heart into a million pieces, so I urge you to take a deeper look into yourselves to make sure you can handle what this girl experiences.


One thought on “How to Grow an Addict

  1. I LOVED this book so much because not only could I find myself in between these pages, I was also moved to the core by the parts that I am glad I have never had to face in my own addictions. Randall was such a beautifully, dangerous character, and I loved every single part of her. ESPECIALLY the strength she has, in the end, to write away all her pain. That part was so important to capture. WRITING about it all can set us free. I hope everything took notice of that part. So much love for you, and your perspective!


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