Author: Lindsey Summers

Rating: ♡♡♡♡♡



“I can’t get her out of my head. Haven’t you ever liked someone so much that when you make them smile or laugh, you feel like you’re the king of the world? That’s how I felt..”


Meet Keeley (high school senior), a very confined shy introvert who finds herself in a pickle when she is awoken by a phone call, and on the other end is a boy accusing her of stealing his phone. What? Keeley has her phone to her ear right now. Great, late night prank call from her twin brother Zach and his friends. It isn’t until she realizes, after losing her phone at the yearly fair  when she found it, it was not in fact hers. Meet Talon (high school senior), the cocky up-front jock who is the boy on the other end of that phone call. Unfortunately for the both of them Talon is at football camp so getting their own phones back is out of the question for a solid week. After a series of conversations they have finally agreed to forwarding each other’s phone calls and text messages. They find themselves talking to each other everyday and opening up more than expected. When they finally decide to meet up and it is revealed to Talon that Keeley is in fact Zachary Brewer’s twin sister, his whole demeanor changes. Talon has to go.. has to find a way out of the mess he will surely create..


I always find it a bit hysterical when I read other reviews of just solid, good books. You have the reviewers that NEVER give 5 stars and the ones who NEVER go below. I identify with the latter. I read 3 or 4 star reviews ranting and raving about certain stories and have to ask myself why? This one in particular too. I know the genre I am reading before I open the book so I set up my own expectations based on that. Am I alone in feeling everyone expectations are always way too high?? Okay I get it, you can’t please everyone but we’ll get back to my thoughts on THIS read. I was extremely pleased with this story and style of  writing.


We have 3 very developed main characters: Keeley, Talon, and Zach. It’s so, so important for readers to have a full blown picture especially of the main characters so we get to know them on a more personal level. I wish I knew more physically about Keeley and Zach. We know they are twins, we know their personalities.. but we don’t know what they look like! This is good and bad. The idea of creating a character straight from your imagination just by reading their personality traits can be fun. I, on the other hand enjoy getting a few details.. hair color, skin color, body type, etc. so the character takes a clearer image in my mind. We certainly could see that with Talon. He is tall, lean and muscular with some outstanding mesmerizing, diamond blue eyes. Dreamy right? I just wish I had gotten the same picture with Keeley and Zach. What features are similar, if they are even identical twins? That sort of stuff.


I absolutely loved the content of this story and most certainly enjoyed every twist and turn Lindsey Summers snuck in there. The intertwinement of the characters is nothing you could see coming from the beginning, and if so.. just exactly how is where the mystery lies. This book holds some great lessons to be learned. Keeley can not believe who she is when she talks to Talon, but she sure does like it. Her confusion only helps her realize the kind of person she is, and pushes her into who she wants to become. We come to understand the importance of the truth and just how ugly situations can be made by fallacy. My favorite lesson embedded into this read  is forgiveness and understanding. We all want to be forgiven and understood and when it comes down to it, we aren’t so easy to reciprocate. The book shows us, that if teenagers are willing to do the above, adults are more than capable too.


While I was reading, I thought for sure this story is directed towards teens and YA. I don’t like to select one group of people though. So, for anyone who enjoys great writing and an addicting storyline, with added romance should read this book! I finished this book in merely 2 sittings and I can promise you, you won’t be able to put it down!


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