“Compassion is wasted on the compassionless..”

This morning I would like to start my post off with a current event. Another terror attack took place last night in Manchester, England at the Manchester Arena, when pop star Ariana Grande completed her concert. A suicide bomber. Another Radical Islamist. I would like to express my complete and utter sympathy and prayers to those affected by this cowardice act. My heart broken in two, each side filled with equal parts sorrow and anger. Previous to this attack I had been reading my book and one the passages caught my attention in relation to the world we are living in today. It said,

“Compassion is wasted on the compassionless. There are some things not meant for this world. A man has the right to survive. And the Volgar and man cannot exist together. I don’t want to eat him. He wants to eat me. Do you see the dilemma? There are some beasts that should not exist. He thought about his father, about the animal he’d become, the monsters he’d made and the creatures he’d harmed. The only sorrow Kjell felt was that he hadn’t been the one to stop him.”

How did you view this passage when you read it? What I saw instantly thought of was terrorist groups. I connected them as being the beasts that should not exist. Like the Volgar want to eat them, these groups want to kill for their religion, we don’t want to do the same. But sometimes we have do things we don’t like in order to survive. It’s not considered selfishness in my eyes, it is taking the evil from the world. In my eyes it’s more about preservation of human lives that want peace. That want to be who they are and go where they want freely without living in a constant state of fear.

My fascination has always been with the world is how each and every one of us has different views and beliefs that stem from our personal experiences. I respect everyone’s opinion and view even if it differs from my own. Things would be boring black and white, no? Our experiences are what changes us, and you can not fault someone or tell them their views are wrong because we don’t know their experiences like we know ours. It’s important to be understanding about this. I know we all share the common goal to rid the world of extremist and pure evil, and its important to come and work together to reach this goal. As one of my favorite fictional characters once said, “We can make it together, but we can only make it together.” 

On a lighter note I would like to speak to you guys about the author behind my first quotation, Amy Harmon. If you’re a bookworm like myself and haven’t read one of her books yet, you’re doing it wrong! I’ve read every book this woman has published since Making Faces, and I’m still trying to get my hands on all of her oldest books. Last year she released a Fantasy called The Bird and the Sword. I was completely absorbed into this story. I had to force myself to put this book down just so I could savour the story within. The hangover set in upon completion and all I wanted was to go back to Jeru. In February, Amy Harmon released that she was writing Tiras brother–Kjell–a book. Everyone went nuts and with good reason. If you’ve ever read just one of Harmon’s books you understand just how exciting this was.

I am currently reading The Queen and the Cure. I wish I could form the perfect words to describe just how amazing this story is. If you thought The Bird and the Sword couldn’t be topped, you are surely mistaken. Amy Harmon knows just how to reach her fans with her writing, especially those who were so in love with the first book. Harmon’s writing is timeless and classy. No part of her stories are ever rushed. You can tell she takes the time to produce something worth taking credit for. It shows she takes pride in her work, and therefore no book of hers could ever be disappointing to me.

Let’s talk about an even lighter subject: my clothes!

Today I went with a more comfortable but stylish outfit. I knew the temperature was going to rise a little and I wanted to wear something lighter. As I was laying in bed last night before I drifted off to sleep, I thought of my back maxi dress that could double as a skirt. I knew the top wasn’t work appropriate, so I thought of all the things I could do in order to make it work. My mind went straight to a band tee. I tried on a couple, but The Ramones were the winners today!

I didn’t want to wear heels when I first woke up so I threw on my old faithfuls–Docs. I loved the look, however I tripped over my dress on the way out the door, even with the bottom tied (short girl problems), so I ran to my room and put on my black booties to add 6 inches. To complete the look, I needed jewelry but I didn’t feel like choking myself so I went the the earrings. I couldn’t find my hoops anywhere but instead came across my crosses and was happy I did so. Lastly, I grabbed my leather jacket (yes the ripped work out one) and I was out the door for the day!


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