Sad Girls

Author: Lang Leav

Rating: ♡♡♡♡♡



“The other night I was watching movie when, midway through, it went out of sync. As the actors spoke, their words no longer matched up with the movement of their lips. I picked up the remote and tried the pause button. When that didn’t work, I tried to restart the movie, hoping it would fix the problem. In the end I gave up and just stopped watching it all together. That was when the realization hit me; that out-of-sync feeling is exactly what anxiety is. Only, imagine it is not on a movie screen but your brain. The worst thing is you have no control over it. There is no fix. You have to wait until things begin to feel normal again, but when you’re in that state of mind, you can’t tell if it ever will. And that’s what makes it so terrifying.”

Sad Girls is exactly what the title gives you. Four girls; Audrey, Candela, Lucy, and Ana. One tiny little harmless lie can spiral into the biggest shit storm you couldn’t even imagine. Welcome to Audrey’s world. A lie. That’s all it started with. If this lie never left Audrey’s mouth maybe Candela wouldn’t have been in her current predicament. Maybe Lucy wouldn’t have had to suffer and live a nightmare. And maybe, just maybe Rad wouldn’t be holding onto a secret so big it could destroy everything. But we don’t get to choose the affects in the aftermath of a lie..

This story gripped me from the very moment. It took hold of my heart and played its strings meticulously. I felt I was placed me into a slightly sepia toned world where only grief lived. Did anyone else experience the same vision as me? I wasn’t depressed while I was reading this book, no. I was just being my empath self and feeling the excruciating pain each and every character was feeling. There are only a handful of books that leave me with those odd feelings. Do you know the ones, I’m talking about? While I was reading this book, every time I was forced to put it down I couldn’t get my head out of it. I would wonder about the characters, if they would ever be happy and healed. After completion, I can not say those feelings went away. This story is the title. It made me one of of the sad girls. But I couldn’t be any happier about it. Oxymoron? Yep.

With each book I read, I collect new experiences an emotions to go with those experiences. It helps me in the real world to look at all aspects of a story before jumping to conclusions. There have been many times where I reference a book in an every day discussion. These stories may be fiction, but it certainly does not make them any less true than what you and I can face. Sad Girls has given me more of those experiences and emotions to one day look back on and remember.

This may come as a shock but my favorite character in Sad Girls is Lucy, even though I can identify more with Audrey. In that particular group of girls, I felt more sympathy for Lucy than anyone else. She was pure and innocent, a genuine nice girl. I feel we would be great friends. Rad was a favorite character of mine throughout the book until…well, I guess you have to read it. The way he cared for Audrey, that absolute love he showed for her was honestly quite breathtaking. When Gabe came into the picture, I so badly wanted to like him and I know we are supposed to like him. He was exactly what Audrey needed during that time in her life but I did not like it. I felt rage and a sort of betrayal on Rad’s behalf. I know it wasn’t Gabe’s fault but I wanted Audrey to get away from him every single time he appeared in the scene. Literally to myself I would say, “Ugh, here comes Gabe again. Go away!” How awful right? He was so sweet, but for me no one could compare to Rad.

I first found Lang Leav on tumblr. I followed her instantly because well, have you read one of her poems!? I bought her book Love & Misadventure and my obsession started there. I have pre-ordered every book of hers since, so you can imagine my excitement when she released that she was actually writing a novel. With my excitement, I did not read the synopsis (I do this with every book), because I don’t want my thoughts to run wild and give false expectations. Weird or genius? Whatever! I like surprises! They are 9/10 always pleasant too!

I don’t recommend this book for everyone. Honestly, I just can’t. I feel you need to have a certain personality in order to understand this book the way it needs to be understood. It’s a deep and dark read, and if you’re not into that and want to read this? Oh, you’ll set yourself up for failure.


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