Bad Mommy

Author: Tarryn Fisher

Rating: ☠☠☠☠☠



“You have to voice your thoughts so you can know you’re not the only one who’s fucked up.”


Fig, Jolene, and Darius. What a trio. Okay, you see in a nutshell, Fig is a psychopath. Jolene is the kind of person you wish to be (no matter what Fig wants to say about her), and Darius..ohhh Darius. I guess you’ll have to just find out for yourself.


In more or less words, Fig has had absolutely no luck in the baby department which is extremely sad and unfortunate but holds ZERO value in excused as to why you would try to take another woman’s child. Am I right? well, that’s not how Fig sees it. Enter Mercy. Jolene and Darius Avery’s little girl. As soon as Fig saw her she knew. This was her child and she was supposed to be her mother. After studying Jolene’s maternal habits it was decided from that point on. Jolene is a Bad Mommy and would take Mercy by any means necessary.


Tarryn Fisher does it again and again. I completed this book in just 2 sittings, 4 hours total. That tells you something about an author, right? Every book of Tarryn’s I have picked up has been inhaled like a smell you can’t get enough of. Bad Mommy in particular was a side of crazy that only another crazy can create (and I mean this in the absolute best way). I love that Tarryn constantly gives us–plain and simple–fucked up-ness from her characters because hey, no one is perfect. Her writing is raw and deep with emotion, keeping us submerged in whatever world she’s created for us.. if only for that moment.


Picking a favorite character in a book I enjoyed so much is always such a hard task for me. With Bad Mommy I will 100% always choose Jolene. Though I am not a mother, I can identify and empathize with her character. That’s what we like to do, isn’t it? We like to relate ourselves to anything we can grasp and hold onto, in order to feel we aren’t alone. I love this about Jolene, giving us a relatable life.


Who would I choose to read this book? Hmm, anyone who can stomach a writer such as Tarryn. If you can’t, I’m sorry you’re so weak, because you’re missing out on one of the most incredible authors who tells kick-ass stories.

(PS. It also helps that Tarryn is an incredible human being, just saying!)


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