Rose and Dust

Author: Christina Hart

Rating: ♡♡♡♡♡


“The potential of war was all around them–in the air, in the sounds, in their kiss.”

Rose and Dust is the final book in The Rosebush Series. Where Woods and Ash took on a new Jaslove generation, Rose and Dust is a continuation of book 2. Adelina, her mother Ellyn, and Luke are safely home after their ordeal with Ethelyn’s journal but that doesn’t mean there is peace in Lilia Valley. As Orenda’s scheme is being unraveled, the Queen will no longer stand by and watch. Orenda is (finally) exiled from Lilia Valley and not one creature is saddened by it. Although, Orenda will not just roll over and die. When she visits and old freind Nevlin, and keeps ties with the mortal realm through bribery and new elfakits, we know she is planning to take back Lilia Valley. And she’ll do whatever it takes for the throne to be hers once more.

From one chapter to the next I was kept on my tip-toes. This fantasy read held thriller moments which made it almost impossible to stop turning those pages. Inside, Christina Hart gives us so much to learn from these characters. She makes us look into ourselves as humans questioning, “Are we really like that?” And “Omg, mortals really do respond this way..”. The morals this series hold are valuable ones.

My favorite characters stay the same from book 2. Although we see less from Luke and Adelina, we have more Ehtlyn and Lyric which I wasn’t too crazy about. From the start I haven’t been Ethelyn’s biggest fan. She means well I know that for a fact, but as I’ve said in previous reviews.. her indecisiveness chips away at her character for me. Lyric understands in her ways I just can’t stand to which makes me love him. It shows the power of love and being able to look over flaws that we all possess–no matter how big or small.

This is series has taught me so much about myself and gave me a deeper insight to who I want to be. Its crazy how a book can do that for you. If you enjoy stories about deep love, fantasy creature, power + loyalty there is no doubt you will love The Rosebush Series.


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