Wood and Ash

Author: Christina Hart

Rating: ♡♡♡♡♡



“Certain things are simply out of our control–love being one of them. The question wasn’t in allowing them to be together, the real question was how do they stand to be apart?”


Woods and Ash is the second book in The Rosebush Series continuing the story of Lilia Valley. Adelina is the great grand-daughter of Ethelyn Jaslove who we meet in book one; Lavender and Smoke. Adelina–like Ethelyn–has that same unique personality, not believing she belongs in this world. Thanks to her great grand-mother, Adelina can travel to Lilia Valley if only through the pages of her journal. That isn’t enough for though. All she’s wanted to do was go to Lilia Valley, meet all the creatures–especially Lyric–since the moment she opened that journal. THAT journal. Being passed down from daughter to daughter for years, it is now lost..thanks to Adelina. The secrets this journal holds are more valuable to the survival of Lilia Valley and if the wrong person were to get ahold of it well, we wouldn’t want to know the fate of the creatures inhabiting the beautiful land. But of course, this happens. How far does Adelina have to go in order to retrieve Ethelyn’s journal, and who exactly can help her?


Christina Hart’s writing grows within this second book. It is by far my favorite in the series. The unfolding of the story grips you extremely tight, making it difficult to close the book at all. You’ll want to know the fate of each character and each of the lands, our world and Lilia Valley.


My favorite characters (yes plural) are Luke, Layana, + Adelina. If Ethelyn and Adelina have the same personality then how could I possible like one and not the other? To me Adelina was more sure of the decisions she was making, where Ethelyn– yet tough and stubborn–was too messy with her emotions that her decisions were constantly wavering. Luke. LUUUKKEEE. An elfakit of ex-queen Orenda is one of ‘creatures’ sent to help Adelina bring this journal home. Luke and Adelina’s instant connection is felt through these pages. Is love a strong enough pull to sway you from your loyalties? Lastly, we have Layana. I am SO happy that Christina gave us more Layana than she allowed the first time around. I felt her friendship so strongly, I actually want to be friends with her. Her outer beauty never blinds her inner beauty–she stays kind and friendly through-out.


Although this book can be read as a stand alone, I would not recommend it. In order for the love of these characters to bloom and stick you have to trust me on this. If you love fantasy as much as I do, you need to get these books in your hands now!



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