Stuff I’ve Been Feeling Lately

Author: Alicia Cook

Rating: ♡♡♡♡♡


Her. Words.

Alicia literally takes you to the exact point in time she is talking about; giving us mental flashbacks if you will. She allows us to travel to the point in our lives where these things have happened to us and ultimately how alone we felt during it. Something to take away from this book? You’re not alone ever, no matter where your thoughts may travel. And maybe it’s because I find myself relating to so many of them but she truly is an exquisite, not just a writer; a creater. She takes the simple tasks in life that we all take for granted and turns them into so much more than what we allow them to be. It’s really something else.

Writers today (poets), they all utter the same thing in a 3-4 line poems. They all want to show this strength and utter beauty about being women. Do not get me wrong there is nothing wrong with that but I think more of us need to understand we aren’t perfect beings and it’s okay. Our hair has days when it doesn’t cooperate. You’ll have days when trip over your own feet 5 times within 10 minutes. She show us it’s okay to have these weak moments. It’s okay to break down and cry over a lover because it’s going to happen. It’s okay to be who we are even if we don’t like ourselves in that moment of time. And it’s okay to be unapologetically YOU. Days you will feel powerful, days you’ll feel like shit. Days you need love and others where you want to be independent. She covers it all and it’s nothing short of inspiring.

There are tracks I read where I’m like…wow Alicia Cook is living in my head, I’m not the only one thank god! I believe it’s so, so important and not a very easy task to touch an audience the way she does. But she naiiiiiillllls it. Over and over! I’m a forever fan.


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