The Foxe and the Hound

Author: R.S. Grey




“The love between him and me isn’t right. Some would even say it’s unnatural…wrong. Al they see is his size, and it intimidates them. He is massive, too big for his own good, really, but he’s also handsome–so handsome–with chocolate brown eyes I can’t resist. I won’t sugarcoat it though–he’s not without his flaws. He’s a terrible listener, and frankly, independent to a fault. He’s a sloppy kisser, and he leaves his things everywhere. But every time I come home and run mu fingers through those luscious locks, I forget all of his faults. And when that hair falls out and gets all over the couch, and the bed, and my clothes, and the rug, I don’t fret. I always know I’m just one lint-roller away from everlasting love.

Because he’s the love of my life.

And he’s my dog.”


If the opening of this book doesn’t set up for a comedy than I’m not sure what does. This fast-paced book is jam packed with equal parts romance and humor. This will be my first R.S. Grey read and I will tell you what, I’m not disappointed. Quick background here: I started following R.S. Grey on Instagram after I saw she was friendly with Tarryn Fisher. Anyone who is friends with Taryn is someone I want to be friend with for obvious reasons. I always noticed she wrote books and I always told myself “You have to read her books!”. Well, after growing fond of R.S. Grey and the person she is I decided this book would be my first! The bar is certainly set high for her other reads now. I could not get enough of Madeline and Adam.


Madeline is your (now-a-days) average 20-something mess. Although Madeline a little older than my own 25 years I found her character extremely relatable. We meet her ‘puppy’ mouse as he is completely mauling a stranger. Madeline is mortified because it’s not just any stranger. It’s a beautiful man in what looks like a very expensive suit. That has to be the worst of it, right? No, no. Mouse has ruined this suit with dirt and mud and mother nature’s organics.

Adam is attractive. LOL. Okay, he’s out of this world gorgeous when it comes to his looks. His Chicago personality has stayed with him when he moved here to Texas though. He’s late for work and calls in his first patient of the day: Mouse. Yes, the same Mouse that ruined his (1 of many) suits this morning.

The story and Madeline and Adam progresses, ups and downs with laughter on every page. I found it almost impossible to close the book. Walking while reading (I swear I didn’t see that car), eating and reading, and even showering while reading were some of the side affects caused by this book.


I have to talk about R.S. Grey and her writing. Honestly out of all the romance books I’ve read, I’ve never read sex scenes like these. In books there are scenes where it’s hot, scenes where it’s gentle, scenes where you want to look away and erase it from your memory. R.S. Grey wrote these scenes phenomenally. She took her time with such class, romance and left her readers wanting more.


I recommend this book to my age group. Honestly, anyone would read this and enjoy it. I just feel the 20-something’s would feel as I have–we aren’t messes if we all feel we are. Take life as it comes and the surprises will come along with it.



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