White Flag of the Dead

Author: Joseph Talluto

Rating: ☠☠☠☠☠


The Enillo Virus hit hard. It hit fast and spread wildly. People are rising after death but that’s not all, no. They are attacking the living, tearing their flesh from their bones. Grabbing and scratching until they can latch onto something, anything to suppress their longing, their hunger…YOU.

White Flag of the Dead is not what I was expecting. Since watching The Walking Dead, I have looked for zombie apocalyptic novels to quench my thirst. Joseph Talluto was the first to do so for me. He understands what it takes when it comes to writing about zombies. ‘So what does it take?‘ you might ask. Weeeelll, lots of gore and blood and descriptive writing, what else? As zombie lovers we want the violence and the survival and we want it from the second we open those books!

In White Flag of the Dead Book 1: Surrender of the Living, John Talon will do whatever it takes to keep his infant son Jake alive. He promised Ellie, and he promised himself. He has one job; make sure Jakey survives. When it comes to survival, what would you do to protect the ones you love? John has been named leader of his group. Being leader comes with responsibility he never dreamed of asking for, he just takes it head on. The fight is not easy, it never is and it never will be. Not only do they have to fear the dead walking among them, but the real monsters in this new world; they’re the living. And they won’t back down without a fight…

Without doubt, if you love zombies and apocalypses, gore and survival, you’ll love this book. Are you a Walking Dead fan looking for a new group to follow until the next release? Look no further than Joseph Talluto and White Flag of the Dead.


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