Cemetery Girl / Wednesday Wears

Life for Tom and Abby Stuart was a dream come true. The perfect little family, the one Tom has always pined for after his disatrious childhood. Tom, Abby, and little Caitlin. Caitlin never did seem to follow the rules, even as a small child. What would make you think anything would change as she grew up?

Caitlin Stuart. Twelve years old. Last seen in the park next to the cemetery walking her dog, Frosty. Disappearance. Did this young girl run away at just 12 years old? She always had a knack for rule breaking. Was she kidnapped? A 12 year old wouldn’t just leave her parents. Is she still alive? She couldn’t possibly be.

Flash forward 4 years later to a broken Tom and Abby. A mother who wants to move on from the heartache, start over and bury the past, come to the conclusion her daughter is statistically dead. A father who will still go to extremes to find the answers he’s searching for, the one who hasn’t given up hope that his little girl is still out there and that she is still alive.

Tom and Abby’s lives change once more when Detective Ryan calls to inform them, their daughter Caitlin has been found. It’s not the homecoming Tom always pictured. A marriage on the verge of derailment, with their distant 16 year old teenager who wants nothing to do with them, even runs away in the first 24 hours back home.

What are the lengths you would go to discover the truth behind your child’s disappearance and shocking return? Are they worth the all pain lying in the unknown?

I gave this book 5 stars out of 5. David Bell gripped my attention from the beginning and didn’t let up until the final sentence. On edge, every chapter needing more. My thoughts were constantly racing, playing the role of detective trying to sort on my own what the truth was behind Caitlin’s disappearance.

Tom Stuart had to be my favorite from this book. There were some actions he took that I don’t agree with, but all in all there is no denying the man would go to the end of the world for his daughter. It was admirable and left me with all the feels. Caitlin made my heart ache in every single scene with her. Enduring the nightmares she had to is unimaginable. There could be no moments of understanding for me, as I could not wrap my mind around them. Believe me though, there was a truckload of sympathy there.

This thriller is one of the best I’ve had a chance to read recently. I’ll be honest, I was expecting to be disappointed, as I have been lately with a lot if thrillers. As much as I thought I knew what was happening here, there was a constant second guessing which made me unsure of my ideas until the very end. Every page, I turned slowly to brace myself for plot twists. This story was not completely predictable and that was my favorite thing about it!

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November 9 + Fall Fashion

What a haunting day it has been for me since 2015. All thanks to Colleen Hoover. Today would be the third November for Ben and Fallon to meet up and I just want to cry πŸ–€.

She “loved me” in quotations

She kissed me in bold

I TRIED TO KEEP HER in all caps

She left with an ellipsis . . .

–Benton James Kessler

This is the November where my heart started to hurt and I couldn’t control the tears spilling from my eyes. (The pages are still crinkled!) I started to question Jordyn during this time too, which had me questioning if I was a heartless human being because I knoooow what she must have gone through during this time. Whatever, I still felt some bad juju she was throwing off and my intuition was correct!

When I completed reading this I told myself I would reread it every November 9 but I can’t. I cannot find it in me to put myself back through the rollercoaster ride I was taken for the first time. Eventually, I may be comfortable enough to experience that kind of pain but the wound is still fresh 3 years later.

Have you guys read November 9 yet? You’re a few years behind so you should get on it liiike now. Do not say I haven’t warned you though: you need tissues, a pillow, and a nap afterwards. If you do not heed my warning you may end up in a state of shock. Symptoms may consists of random outbursts of ugly sobbing, lashing out to anyone who tries to speak to you, and exssecive need to latch onto someone.

Let’s talk fashion! I am overly obsessed with this comfy fall sweater that I found at Cohoes for just $30. The colors, the fabric, and the stitch work are what caught my eye. What’s bad is I didn’t even care what it would look like on I just knew I had to have it. It happened to work in my favor that I loved it.

When I tried this sweater on I had a pair of flared jeans on and instantly I couldn’t wait to wear the combo. The 70’s style is as you know by now, my absolute favorite! It wouldn’t matter if the style was making a comeback or not it screams my name.

These tight at the knee and extreme flare bottoms were purchased about 3 years ago on sale at TJMAXX for just $11. I know. I had the same reaction you’re probably having now.


That’s the problem with some girls.

If you’re remotely good looking they look at you and think you’ve never experienced a single problem in your life because you are good looking.

Like you’ve never been turned down by the one guy you ever wanted.

Like you’ve never been bullied to the point of self-hate.

Like you’ve never experienced the walls of your life closing in on you to the point of suffocation.

Like life has just been one happy frolic through the flowery fucking meadows, all because you are good looking.

They must think, ‘Those pretty girls, they deserve all the hate they receive‘ as if they had control over what some higher being created them to look like and that’s how they have to pay for it.

In dirty looks,

in snide remarks,

in tearing that person down,

that’s how you have to pay.

Let me tell you something, you might think life would be easier ‘if only you were pretty‘ but people are just as cruel and judgmental,

or haven’t you been listening?

The Walking Dead Compendium One

Author: Robert Kirkman + Co.

Rating: πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€


I’m HOOKED to say the least. The Walking Dead are the first comic books I ever even entertained the idea of reading. I’m more of a novel girl but damn! Robert Kirkman and co. really change my mind.

Like many fans of this series, I started watching the show first. When it began I kept up with only season 1. By the time season 2 came around I just had no time or interest. In November 2016 I was scrolling through Netflix and stopped on TWD. I realized how much I missed and since all seasons were available to me, WHY NOT? It took all but a couple weeks to catch up to season 7.

I needed more (to say the least). I needed more Rick Grimes and zombies in my life so I set out in search for something to ease the withdrawals. Since I’m a big reader, I first looked to novels. Don’t bother ever searching because nothing I mean nothing can even come close to TWD. It was then that I decided I was going to read the comics.

The main source for one of the best TV shows every created started here and let me tell you this book is the reason why. While I was reading, I was doing the usual comparison. Never in a bad way, just an observing manner. If you’re looking for identical comic to show stop reading this now because you won’t find it. As much similarities that there are, equal parts of extremely different. It’s phenomenal.

There came a point where I stopped the comparing comic to show and just devoured this book whole.

You want gore? βœ”
You want zombies? βœ”
You want wars? βœ”
You want action? βœ”

If you’re looking for the entire package that comes along with a great zombie apoloclypse story, look no further..you have found your destination.

Onto Compendium 2!

The Fictionista, Reintroduced

Good morning my loves! I want to reintroduce my blog today as something more than just a place for book reviews. As I’ve held up my promise to give you all, both fashion and books on my Instagram page, I almost feel I have failed this blog. Not to worry, because that is all going to change from here on out!

I no longer want my blog to only focus on fiction and fashion, I want it to go deeper than that. I found myself on my Instagram posts taking my captions to new levels that the app just cannot keep up with. For instance ..I have thoughts I want to share with the world. I have photography I want to share with the world. Lastly, I have writing that I want to share with the world. Instagram alone cannot hold all I want to share. That’s what a blog is for.

I am The Fictionista. My real name is Erika Santoro. There is no one else like me, there never will be and I am starting to celebrate that. My talents extend from one extreme to another and it’s about time I embrace and showcase them. I’ve been working on a lot of self-love as of late and I’m being open and honest with myself and to all of you. It’s scary. It’s one thing to be honest with yourself and a whole other to complete strangers. Strangers are judgmental, but strangers on social media can be cruel. Showing self-love does not equal being conceded. I’m not perfect, I have never claimed to be. In fact, my insecurities run just as deep as yours do. If I can make someone feel they aren’t alone in this world, alone in their thoughts–no matter how dark they might be–then I will be accomplishing what I am setting out to do on my new and improved blog.

It’s easy to put on a face for social media. I see it everywhere I turn, every page I open. I get it. No one gets to know the true you, just the one you allow them to see. It’s frustrating. What I’m trying to do with this tiny platform I am working with is to give you guys the real me. I do this in hopes that people will eventually feel comfortable to be themselves too. I’m the one that shies away from wanting to look a certain way, watching what I say in order to be perceived a certain way, but that’s not what social media needs anymore. It’s false and sets expectations for others that can never be met. This can often lead to one’s downfall of their self image. PSA: people do not always look as flawless as they post, people are not always kind to others even if make posts claiming to be. It’s nature and it’s the truth. The images I want to give you are not a distortion of my body or face. The captions and blog posts I want to give you will always be true to my feelings and my beliefs. Some days I will tell you how important it is to be kind to others, while other days I will express my complete and utter frustration with “stupid people”. Our moods vary and I feel social media is crushing the fact that it’s actually okay to feel ALL emotions. My goal here is to be real and unapologetically me. If you enjoy it in the process, it’s going to be great and if you do not, I still respect and love you!

Taking it Back, book 2 in The White Flag series

Author: Joseph Talluto

Rating: ☠☠☠


“Around every corner, they are waiting. In every dark alley, they are lurking. Behind every door, they are hiding. For each survivor of the Upheaval, every day brings the same grim reality: the dead are coming. For every community that managed to survive, for every band that came together, questions nag their minds. Are they alone? Are they the last ones left? Does humanity die with them? As the dead roam the abandoned highways and walk among the ruins of the living, one group will make a stand to halt the tide and take it back.”

Taking it Back is the second book in The White Flag series. I can’t deny the fact that I expected more from this book. In book one, we start out when the outbreak occurs to how do we find stability and some normalcy in the new world. John Talon is able to provide this for his son, and many other grateful survivors. Together they work to make this new place a home. In this new world, we know there are people out there who will destroy everything in their path to get what they need, including John Talon’s sanctuary.

Flash forward book 2. Here we are, stuck with John Talon again as he goes on wild hunt to expand what he’s grown. This. Is. All. This. Book. Offers. I was extremely disappointed and quite frankly, could not find the motivation to want to read this book. Honestly, it’s stopped me from picking up America the Dead..even though I know I will…eventually.

Talluto gives us repetitive writing with no action to even make it bearable. The only time I was zooming through pages was during the huge zombie fight. I wanted and hoped for more gore and more war. During the new world it caaaannnnot be as easy as it has been for John Talon. There has to be other groups out there who want to take what they’ve created. There have to be hoards of zombies where near-death and death occurs cutting the characters so deep that they adapt wise and cold to the dead world. I’m holding on hope to find this in book 3, America the Dead.

The Husband’s Secret

Author: Liane Moriarty

Rating: β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†


β€œNone of us ever know all the possible courses our lives could have and maybe should have taken. It’s probably just as well. Some secrets are meant to stay secret forever. Just ask Pandora.”

Holy hell. Liane continues to just wow me. This woman writes all these separate storylines that intertwine with each other it’s a miracle that her readers can stay on track nevermind writing them all. Once you get a hitch onto what life belong to who, Liane’s books will take you on a damn ride. And then you’ll keep going back for more.

In The Husband’s Secret we have multiple POV. Cecilia Fitzpatrick and her husband John-Paul, Tess O’Leary and her husband Will and cousin Felicity, Conor Whitby and Rachel Crowly. Are you with me still?

Cecilia lives the life. Three beautiful children, an insanely gorgeous husband, and a beautiful home. Tess O’Leary cannot imagine a time when her and her cousin Felicity were not attached at the hip. The realization sets in deep when Felecity and Will confront her about their feelings for each other. Rachel Rowley, the old woman has never forgotten about her teenage daughter–Janie, who was strangled to death in a nearby park. She’s always had her eyes on that Conor Whitby.

While Cecelia’s husband is away for work, she’s up in the attic and finds a letter addressed to her from John-Paul, in the event of his death. After weighing all the options, when she finally reads the letter her life will never be the same. The box is opened, shit hits the fan and guess what? It affects all of these characters.

Pandora’s box is surely wide open in this book. If you love a humour thriller look no further than The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty.